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  1.—— We have to stop talking here outside. Listen, _______!

  —— Hurry up, or we‘ll be late.

  A. There goes the bell ;B. There does the bell go ;C. There the bell goes ;D. Goes the bell there

  2.The factory _______ we‘ll visit next week is not far from here.

  A. where ;B. to which ;C. which ;D. in which

  3.—Why didn‘t you buy a new car?

  —I would have bought one if I _______ enough money.

  A. had ;B. have had ;C. would have ;D. had had

  4.There was so much noise that the speaker couldn‘t make himself ________.

  A. hear ;B. heard ;C. hearing ;D. to hear

  5.This is an important problem _______ too few social scientists have researched.

  A. which ;B. that ;C. into that ;D. into which

  6.They ________ extensive and possibly dangerous actual flight training.

  A. undertake ;B. undergo ;C. underplay ;D. underuse

  7.They will get the preparation done early in May.

  A. 他们五月初就能让别人准备完工作

  B. 他们五月初就能准备好工作

  C. 他们早在五月份就能把准备工作做完

  D. 他们五月初就能把准备工作做完

   8.Weather _______, we‘ll go out for a walk.

  A. permitted ;B. permitting ;C. permits ;D. for permitting

  9.I don‘t think the charge for overhauling the equipment is excessive in _______ to its size.

  A. correspondence ;B. equation ;C. proportion ;D. dimension

  10.It is difficult to understand this kind of _______ calculation.

  A. intricate ;B. varied ;C. indispensable ;D. equable

  11._______ for the free ticket, I would not have gone to see film so often.

  A. If it is not ;B. Were it not ;C. Had it not been ;D. If they were not

  12.Nobody but you _______ what he said.

  A. agrees with ;B. agrees out ;C. agree with ;D. agree to

  13.—David has made great progress recently.

  —_______, and _______.

  A. So he has;so you have ;B. So he has;so have you ;C. So he has;so do you ;D. So has he;so you have

  14.The engineer ______ my father works is about 50 years old.

  A. to whom ;B. on whom ;C. with which ;D. with whom

  15._______ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language.

  A. There ;B. This ;C. That ;D. It

  16.Happiness doesn‘t always _______ money.

  A. go through ;B. go in for ;C. go with ;D. go over

  17.We were told that the stone figure _______ back to the 16th century was ofgreat value.

  A. dated ;B. dating ;C. coming ;D. kept

  18.That is the house _______ you can enjoy the scenery.

  A. in that ;B. that ;C. which ;D. from which

  19.The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once _______ with each other.

  A. they had quarreled ;B. they have quarreled ;C. have they quarreled ;D. had they quarreled

  20.There is a growing body of evidence to support the fact that most people suffer from a lack of daydreaming _______ an excess of it.

  A. other than ;B. rather than ;C. in place of ;D. instead


     1.正确答案:A答案解析:在以here, there, up, down, in, on, out, away, off等副词开头的句子里,主语是名词时,句子主谓全部倒装,以示强调。但主语是人称代词时,不倒装。



  4.正确答案:B答案解析:make sb done: 使某人被…


  5.正确答案:D答案解析:into which引导的是problem的定语从句。which指代problem,into与research搭配。


  7.正确答案:D答案解析:首先需要注意early in May表示五月初的意思,选项A让别人准备完这种表达是不准确的;此外get the preparation done表示的是把准备工作做完,选项B的表达不是很准确。

  8.正确答案:B答案解析:本题中没有连词,它不是复合句,也不是并列句。 句中使用了逗号,且we 小写,可知其不是两个简单句。能够这样使用的只有独立主格或with的复合结构。据此判断,本句中使用的是独立结构, 其结构为:名词+分词。 由于permit在这里翻译为天气允许,表主动,应用现在分词,故选B.

  9.正确答案:C答案解析:in proportion to是固定搭配, 意为与……成比例, 与……相称。反义语:out of proportion不成比例,不相称。本题译文:我认为该设备的大修费并不过分, 是与它的大小相称的。

  10.正确答案:A答案解析:参考译文:很难理解这种错综复杂的计算。intricate 错综复杂的,纠缠不清的; varied 不同的,种种的; indispensable 不可缺少的,绝对必要的; equable 变动甚少的,稳定的。

  11.正确答案:C答案解析:从本题后半句可以看出这是一个与过去事实相反的虚拟条件句,从句中的动词要用had +过去分词,如果将if省略,had要位于主语之前,构成倒装句,故本题的答案是C.Had it not been for the free ticket =If it had not been for the free ticket.

  12.正确答案:A答案解析:主语为nobody时,谓语动词用单数,如果主语被but, as wellas, with等短语修饰,谓语仍与主语的数保持一致。该题易误选C、D,选D的原因在于词组记忆不清,用介词to时之后应加具体项目。而选择C就在于误把you作为主语对待了。而实际上nobody才是主语。


  14.正确答案:D答案解析:with whom引导定语从句。with whom放在从句中即为:my father works with the engineer.

  15.正确答案:D答案解析:为了保持句子的平衡,往往用先行词it作形式主语或形式宾语,而把真正的主语或宾语放到后面,尤其是that引导的主语从句往往用先行词it作形式主语。此句也可以改写为:That English is being accepted as an international language is a fact.

  16.正确答案:C答案解析:句意:幸福未必总是伴随金钱而来。go with:伴随,与……相配

  17.正确答案:B答案解析:本句中含有be+of+n.这个结构。dating back to the 16th century的逻辑主语是stone figure.

  18.正确答案:D答案解析:句意:你从中能欣赏外面风景的就是这座房子。在定语从句中判断用关系代词还是用关系副词,需要弄明白在从句中需要什么语法成分,也就是说,要看关系词在定语从句中担任什么成分,本题的定语从句中少地点状语,先行词又是表地点的名词,故可选用where.观察四个选项后,我们发现并无where一词,我们可以用介词+ which来代替。注意,本句话所表达的应该是:You can enjoy the scenery from the house,故可排除A选项,选D.

  19.正确答案:C答案解析:本题考查的是倒装结构的用法。第二分句中因有否定副词never提前,故应用倒装结构;第一分句中的have been married已限定了时态,据此可排除D项。

  20.正确答案:B答案解析:rather than 而不是。other than 不同于,除了;in place of 代替;instead 代替。